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    Quote Originally Posted by Phony View Post
    Yes! These are great.

    @BlondeinBrisvegas, that sounds DELISH!
    I'll definitely try the kids on that one.
    I really need them to try more new things.
    Dinners are very boring here because they won't try anything with a sauce.

    I'm going to try them on butter chicken tonight.
    Might be a huge leap but I'm making it anyway.

    That's another thing I'm really interested in.
    Who knows their spices?
    I'm making the Pete Evan's Butter Chicken.
    First time too and I'm fine with a recipe but I'd love to just know what spices go with what. Such an easy, healthy way to pack a tasty punch.

    I tend to make mine not too wet or else it will make the tortilla's go soggy...when you add the sweet chilli sauce/honey and then cook it off for another 5 minutes it makes the chicken go all sticky and jammy

    I hope your kids like it Luv, it really is delicious!! That chicken is also a good basis for a stirfry too. You could stir fry the vegies first until they're almost done, do the chicken as described in my post then add the vegies for the last few minutes to reheat through and finish cooking. You then could add a little water at the end to make it more saucy if you wanted. Serve with rice/noodles

    Let me know how you go when you get around to making it

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    I do the soft drink cakes too.
    Let me know if want recipes for any of these. Most of them are very common recipes.
    Lemonade scones
    Sweet scrolls with lemonade base
    Savoury scrolls with the yoghurt base
    100 cookies for $5
    Chocolate wheelie slice
    Chocolate rope
    Super easy 4 ingredients Strawberry tarting type thingy. So simple and easy that I once made 70 individual ones for kids birthday party.
    Microwave apple crumble.
    Apple Turner overs
    No bake lemon pie/cheesecake
    Tim tam/any yummy biscuits balls
    Yummy biscuits cheesecake balls

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    Most of the things I make these days come from http://wellnourished.com.au they're very healthy too, but almost always work, even if I stuff something up.

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    @LoveLivesHere, could I have the recipes for
    the following.

    Apple Turnovers (mmmm) I have loads of apples to get rid of.
    100 cookies for $5
    Chocolate Rope.
    No bake Lemon pie.
    Strawberry tart type thingy
    And the chocolate wheelie slice.
    Thank You

    I made the Butter Chicken last night.
    Easy recipe and the sauce was looking amazing, thick and creamy, but by the time I cooked the chicken and veg in here it turned watery.
    I think I cooked it too long.
    I had to start dinner early becuase my child is wild at dinner hour so it was simmering on very low for over an hour.
    I'll give that recipe another shot before I try another one.

    Oh and the lemonade cake recipes! Excellent!
    I'm so mad I didn't start this thread last week now haha
    I would have loved to send cupcakes in to DS' class for his birthday.
    That recipe would have worked a treat.
    There's always next year I suppose.

    Does anyone have a healthy (but looks naughty to fool the kids) slice recipe that I can make and stick in to lunch boxes?


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