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    Hey guys I think it's great you can all have a rant, don't feel bad as I think it helps to know you're not alone. Also try not to stress about housework etc as they honestly grow up so fast and although it's a pain in the **** having a baby permanently attached to you once they do become more independent you will miss the cuddles. My ds1 is 20 months and he's not a cuddler at all now so I vowed to savour the cuddles this time around. It doesn't last forever and try not to worry when people comment about letting baby get into bad habits etc. All babies want to sleep next to warm mummy and with some sleep training later on you will get them out the habit so don't worry about it now.
    Def try to get out the house though as it really helps. I had an awful day last week when ds2 who is 7 weeks was literally screaming all day with colic. Whilst it's hard to cope with any baby crying, when you've got a toddler who you really want to play with and give attention to it all became a bit overwhelming. My reaction was that I just wanted to bury myself in a hole and stay at home but it wasn't really an option so just went out to the park and baby is always so much better when I'm out waking in the carrier.
    It's tough. I havnt had a shower since Sunday. There's a load of washing in the machine that needs hanging up but right now I'm lying on the sofa with baby waiting for the sounds of my toddler to wake from his nap. I've told my dh that the house will be a mess most days but as long as I've kept the kids alive I think I've done a good job!
    Lack of sleep is a real killer but it doesn't last either. It's crazy how you can function on it but I managed to get my ds1 to sleep through the night at 6 months so I just keep telling myself were 1/4 way there! You will get through it. X

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    Bringing back memories...

    Firstly rest assured that babies generally change a lot from week to week (even day to day) at this age, so what they do one week can get turned on its head the next. Sometimes there is an explanation, more often than not, there isn't. I only say this so you know it's most likely completely normal and not necessarily something you can control.
    Some babies thrive on routine, others will not, no matter what.
    My DS didn't sleep for more than 25 mins at a time during the day from about 8 (?) weeks to 5 months. It drive me completely insane. I tried every trick, every routine, everything. Then one day at 5 months he had a 1 hour nap. The next day was 2hrs and the rest is history. He was an awesome, predictable routine sleeper after that. But it didn't happen until he was ready.
    I know this isn't overly helpful or providing the magical solution but just wanted to let you know it's not always something you can control. I hope your little one does improve day sleeps asap but if you continue to have problems try not to get too down about it. Do whatever works, get help when you need and make sure you get some time out for yourself.
    And whatever you do, don't compare to other babies of the same age! They are all so different.

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    Default 6 week old suddenly not napping :(

    Thank you for all your honest responses and support, it means a lot. I give a high five to anyone juggling a toddler and a newborn! I've got no idea how I'd manage pregnancy and a tot, let alone both. Napping while pregnant was essential with my morning sickness so the thought of not having that next time is scary! I've got two friends managing toddlers and bubs atm and they're super women in my eyes.

    The good news is that 'normal' service resumed in my house from last night ( phew! ) - We even got a two hour nap this morning after breakfast where I woke up just before her so could shower. I also got my first cheeky smile on camera when I peered into her bassinet. I'm putting that 36 hours of unsettling down to vaccinations as even in six short weeks it was so out of character for her. It's amazing how 4 hours sleep can change your whole mental health. I was rock bottom on Monday and so dark mentally. After 4 hours sleep I was actually laughing with DD today and singing in the car. Mother Nature's set up of child rearing needs a tweak I reckon!

    What I have learnt from this tho is to never rest on my laurels as things can change on a sixpence! She's a little person and totally unpredictable so take my naps when I can. Also to get vaccinations done on a Friday so DH can be around to support me when she's not feeling great.

    I met another mum today whose 10 week old never naps and the poor lady was struggling so I know my DD has also been pretty good till now. I really appreciate every minute she gives me to rest.

    You've all been really supportive so I just wanted to say thanks and pray that you all get some sleep soon. I'd pay A LOT of money for 8 hours uninterrupted sleep!!
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    In the same boat here with a 6 week old and a 3 year old. I am missing out on doing a lot of stuff with my 3 year as mu 6 wrek old is glued to me most of the day of late. Its hard and stressful but you just have to whatever you can so I have been told on multiple occassions to get your bubs to sleep at this age. Inling for the day/night where I get more than 2 hours sleep in a row 😕


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