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    Quote Originally Posted by Pearlygirl View Post
    @CMF do you have an update? @soon2b4 what was the amounts of the lotion you made up?

    Just been to the dr over these spots and told it was this molluscum thing. He has quite a few on his legs and 2 on his face I was told not to do anything drastic or they'll scar and to just leave them, but I'm willing to try some sort of lotion that won't burn or anything. Worried now they'll spread, they look bad and I don't want heaps on him over the summer
    .... yes I have an update.... but I'm a little apprehensive to post it incase it curses me lol.
    So *touch wood touch wood!!* DS's have possibly all healed. I say possibly because he has had so many of the darned things, his skin is a mess and it's possible I've missed one or two. BUT, so far I haven't found any still there. The dr did say allow 6 weeks incubation period before getting excited that they are gone.
    So the ones the dr got with dry ice all scabbed and formed horrid looking lesions. Then all of the ones that the dr missed with the dry ice, I pricked and put lemon myrtle on for a week or so. Then they all scabbed and are healing.

    You should see his legs though. They are so red and scarred, but I'm hoping it's not scarring as such, but just healing skin IYKWIM.

    DD's that I had been using lemon myrtle on, also appear to be gone. She did get one new one a few weeks ago though, so I'm not convinced they are done with her. It is gone now though with the lemon myrtle.

    Then DS1 came out yesterday and showed me his arm and said "mum are these things DS2's bumps?", I was very close to having a massive meltdown tanty when he said that, but when I looked at them I don't think they are molluscum. Although I couldn't tell what they actually were either, so I'll just keep an eye on them and make sure that they're not.

    It's been such an ordeal. I'm just hoping *please please please!!* that it's over.

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