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    Default Pregnancy 2nd time round

    Hi all, I'm 16 weeks pregnant with no.2 and DS will be 23 months when new bubs is born.

    What things would u do or have done differently second time round during the 1st year....Ie. I would try to b more persistent with sleep training as DS is 18months and we r still having to settle him to sleep by rocking or walking him round the bedroom (sigh)

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    Hi firstly congrats!! DD1 was exactly 26 months when DD2 came along. To be honest, when preggers with DD2 I kept thinking I would do so many things differently but I didn't need to. DD1 was a horrible sleeper/eater and DD2 is an awesome eater/sleeper. Didn't really do anything different just went with the flow a lot more as dD1 at that age was still so demanding that I struggled to find the time to be really ridged about routine. If I had my time again I would get a double pram and have gone out more. I also would have tried to find more one on one time with both girls. Good luck it's a tight age gap but awesome now that they are 4 and 2.

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    I've got a 7 week old and 20 month old. Like you I had thoughts of "I know what I should do this time around" but to be honest you just don't have the time or energy! Right now I'm happy if baby needs cuddles or holding pretty much all the time as it's easier to just put him in a carrier rather than battle to make him go in pushchair. Number 2 needs to just slot around the routine you already have and def going out makes things easier so you can still give time to first child by going to park, playgroups etc.
    in terms of sleeping, I did some sleep training with ds1 at 6 months and it worked brilliantly so my plan is to do the same. So for now if baby needs to be in my bed as he's colicking half the night I'm not worrying about it. One thing I would like to do differently is to try baby led weaning as my first child is so fussy so would be interested to see if it makes any difference as to what he will eat and try.


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