Hi there ladies,

Hubby has just signed a 2yr contract with Woodside & we relocate early Sept. We have one little guy (2) & another on the way (4 mo preg). Naturally, I am nervous! Just a few questions, hopefully someone can help me out ☺️

1. What is the hospital like there? Maternity ward? Brutal honesty pleaseπŸ™β˜ΊοΈ

2. Are the waiting lists extensive for daycare centres? What are the 'best' ones? I would only send him twice a wk just for that interaction.

3. Woodside take care of the house & utilities but we will be given a few to select from. What areas are best with a family? Which tick most boxes with obviously safety being of utmost importance.

4. My husband and I are both very social people. We're active & he especially loves playing sport- footy, cricket, fishing... You name it. We also both drink (obviously not me for now 😞) what is the community like over there in general- are they quite welcoming?

5. Are groceries & fuel really much more expensive there in comparison to Perth? Bearing in mind our family rely heavily in Perth on fresh fruit & veg. Generally market produce as we tend to be quite health conscious.

6. Are there many playgroups? My little man is hyperactive (sometimes I think that's putting it mildly 😏) so we will want to get amoungst the Karratha kiddies ASAP !

Thanks, and I really look forward to meeting some Karratha mummies!