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    I also had not intended to co-sleep but found it was the only way to get DD to sleep and hence the only way I would get any sleep. I try every now and again to get her to sleep in the bassinet but she screams the house down. With co-sleeping I have been able to get a decent nights sleep every night and be alert and awake during the day to look after her. My DP works overseas so I'm on my own and I think co-sleeping is what has kept me sane. The increased risk of SIDS really concerns me but I have to weigh it up against the risks of looking after a baby 24/7 on my own with no sleep (eg increased risk of car accident, risk of falling asleep while feeding, etc). When DP is home next I'm going to try to transition her to the bassinet.

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    Check out the SIDS and kids website. They have recommendations on there as to how to co-bed safely. (They refer to co-sleeping as having baby in your room with you).

    The main points:
    - don't co-bed if you and/or your partner are smokers, under the influence of alcohol or drugs (inc prescription ie sedatives)
    - make sure baby has its own sleeping space
    - don't allow baby under your bed covers
    - sleep baby on the edge of the bed, not between you and your partner (or between you and a wall)

    You can buy little soft bassinet type baskets for baby to have in the bed, or you can even get little side car cots for your bed so baby is still close to you for feeds etc but still has its own sleeping space.

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    Just thought I would update this. We were able to transition DS to his basinet pretty easily by about 4 weeks old, with the occasional co-sleep if he was having an unsettled night or when he got a bit of wind and wanted to boob a lot. He is a big boy and we had to transition him to his cot at around 10-11 weeks, and since then co-sleeping has made a big comeback, as he won't stay down after about 2am in his cot. I take him into the spare room and he sleeps soundly til about 6am. For some reason he wants his mummy in the early hours of the morning. At first I was getting funny about sleep associations as he's 3.5 months old but having tried a few different ways of trying to get him to stay in his cot (self-settling, resettling, me sleeping on his floor) and having a cr*ppy sleep I have decided to accept and enjoy the part-time cosleeping for a little longer. I really do love it, I just don't want it to be a permanent arrangement. But his needs are most important

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