Hi my name is Sarah and I'm a first year student midwife currently studying at Deakin Burwood and I am passionate about all things related to pregnancy.
I am seeking any pregnant women who would be willing to have a student support and follow them through their pregnancy journey - known as a Continuity of Care Experience. To become a Registered Midwife in Australia, I am required to complete 10 Continuity of Care Experiences during my four year university degree.
As a student I can provide you with extra support through your pregnancy, birth and postnatal experiences. I can offer you, the specific support you need to make this a positive and uplifting experience, even be the designated photographer. Anything you want! I will be required to attend at least 4 antenatal appointments, your labour and birth (if you wish) and 2 postnatal appointments.
If anyone is looking for some extra support or has any questions please contact me smgordon@deakin.edu.au.
I would love to share this experience and follow you through your wonderful journey.
I will be just as excited and amazed by it all as you are!