Sounds fairly normal to me - well the eating part anyway. My DD is such a fussy eater and there no knowing when she will decide to eat or not. For example I make her a ham and cheese sandwich one day, she picks off the ham and leaves the rest. So the next day I give her a plate with ham, cheese and peanut butter toast on it. She eats the bread and cheese but acts like the ham is radioactive poison. MIL took her out for breakfast, she ate heaps of corn fritter. So I make them for dinner, she licks one and says 'take it away'.
I used to get really stressed but now I just keep offering a range of healthy foods, which I know she likes and its up to her to choose to eat them or not. We eat together so if she says she doesn't want it I just say 'oh well, mummy's going to eat her lunch now, mummy likes her lunch.' 9/10 she then decides to pick at something on her plate.
I think removing the stress from the situation has really helped both of us. I know it's not advised and a lot of people on here don't like it but I also find she eats much better with the TV on, it distracts her from being so picky about her food!
Cant offer advice about the breastfeeding part as my DD was formula from birth.