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    Default Breastfeeding woes...

    Its been a breastfeeding struggle so far! DD is 4 weeks old and my supply took a while to come in to start with so LC advised to supplement with formula. At around 3 weeks I thought my supply was doing great I'm on motillium and we stopped formula supplementing. however for the past week and and a half DD has been non-stop BF'ing, she's sucking and i can hear her swallowing but just screams for more and won't nap even after a 2 hour mega feed! I've had to start supplementing with formula again just to cut a break (not cutting out feeds just offering formula at the end). When supplementing she drinks the entire bottle as if she hasn't had any breast milk.

    Then she maybe sleeps for an hour but its a struggle and she's back on my boobs before they've even filled up again

    Any advice? I really want to keep BF'ing because I know how good it is for her but i feel like we just aren't progressing

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    Default Breastfeeding woes...

    IMO first bye Bub checked for tongue ties. Then restart your motilium and have it 3x a day. Then get a good TV series you want to watch. Park yourself on the couch for 3-4 days, preferably semi naked so you get heaps of skin/skin time. Then feed feed feed.

    It's normal for be babies to feed pretty much non stop for the first few weeks. That's what brings the milk in. The more you supplement the less Bub nurses and your supply drops again. Bottles are much easier to get milk out of than boobs. Babies need to use more facial muscles to drink from the boob so if they know they are going to get the bottle then why would they bother?

    If you have to supplement use a spoon, cup or a syringe to feed bubs. Btw - boobs never empty fully. They are programmed to refill whilst emptying. You can literally keep switching boobs for hours. My eldest had a cluster feeding session every evening from 4-8/9pm for weeks!!!! All I did was sit on the couch, watch law and order on DVDs and eat/drink.

    Eta: before you were supplementing - was bubs having enough wet nappies? If so then you may have enough milk but Bub could be a cranky pants.
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