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    its hard.

    Its your body and you decide who touches you. But they get offended over such stupid stuff.

    Still - its one of those 'no ground to give' issues ... you need to stand firm and have the argument on this. They need to respect you and your decisions.

    Otherwise, what next? what is going to happen with the birth? with breastfeeding? with feeding, settling etc when the baby comes.

    They need to appreciate that this is yours and your DP's baby .. that grandparents have a role, but its not as parents.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GlitterFarts View Post
    oooh NOW is the time to set boundries. Tell them nicely that whilst they are the grandparents, you are the parent, and that if they continue with their shizz, to remember that being in the child's life is a PRIVLEDGE not a RIGHT. I would not let them touch my belly either.. just say 'nope, sorry but it's my body and I don't like it''. Get your dh to step it up too. - it's HIS parents. Honestly, with the snide remarks, eg the washing I'd respond with ''unless you are offering to do it, I don't want to hear it. or - my washing is not your problem''. Cut them down or they will walk all over you and they will tell you how to parent. NO No & NO is what you both should be doing.
    completely agree except it needs to
    Come from your DH. Their his parents and he needs to step up and set the boundaries for you and your baby.

    As an aside I am constantly dumbfounded by the idea that inlaws don't approve of their child's choice in partner and the relationship is tainted forever after. It is not about us once our children grow up and make their own choices about who they want to be with.

    Sorry off topic but it really grinds my gears.

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    If the conversation doesn't work, next time they reach for your tummy, put your hands all over your in laws faces and give them a rub. And say "uncomfortable isn't it?" They'll learn.

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    His parents are very religious people and wanted him to marry a sweet Christian girl. I'm far from religious but have always been very respectful of their beliefs, to the point I even learned how to say grace at dinners with them, but they want us to go to church and me to be christened which I'm just not open too. It really does put so much strain on the relationship I have tried to build with them.

    I have spoken with DH about the touching issue, and he finally understands my point of view and has agreed to speak up to his parents. Hopefully they get the message and back off, or I will just be avoiding seeing them until after baby is born.
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