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I really recommend you speak to your paediatrician again. Not because I think there's an issue, but more for peace of mind for you.

If you start filling her up with supplements that she does not need, it potentially could encourage her to develop poor eating habits as she gets her nutrition elsewhere. You say she's a good eater? Is she lethargic or irritable or displaying any other signs apart from the fact she is small that there are issues?

My dd was the same size as yours at that age. I too am small. You mention you are small. Not everybody fits perfectly in that average range- there will be small kids and big kids.

Please speak to a professional first... You sound so stressed about your dd's eating habits and weight gain, I feel so badly for you.
Thank you, she's an extremely happy baby, very energetic, bless her.
I guess it's genes.

I'm sure I compare a lot to other kids.

I kept a diary just this week to see what she eats and she eats a nice healthy bit of everything.
No junk food. (Chocolate, jelly, biscuits)
Although I wouldn't mind her eating the weet bix one.

She's not showing any signs of the above mentioned in your paragraph. 😃