Hi ladies, we've been trying for a take home Bub (our second) since June last year. In that time I've had a miscarriage, a vanishing twin and a stillbirth.

After noticing light spotting in the luteal phase of my last two cycles I asked if I could get some testing done. I believe I ovulated on CD18 (that's normal for me). Then I had progesterone bloods done on CD 23, which showed a level of 53 and CD 25, which showed a level of 47. I also had an ultrasound on CD 25, that showed my lining was sub optimal at 5.3mm.

Apparently my progesterone is in the normal range and my GP says she has no idea why my lining would be thin.

I'm so new to these issues and I'm terrified of having another loss or having fertility issues and being told to wait a year for treatment. Does anyone know what any of this might mean please?