About 2 yeas ago, I was hired at the company I work at as a junior support person. My role was to take phone calls, log tickets and try to help out with technical issues. I went on maternity for 5 months and have since returned to work. Since I have returned in the last few months, progressively I’ve been given new tasks. I’m now an account manager, relationship manager, admin and I perform client reporting reviews quarterly. We had to have a contract review and I was given an update contract. My job title is junior support person for example, however under duties is account manager, relationship management and administration and any other tasks, none of these tasks relate to being a junior support person. Is this normal for employers? I felt I was an account manager and was given the impression that I was as I spend 70% of my time on these tasks, however my contract states I’m primarily still a junior support person. How do you negotiate this situation? It feels really strange as before I went on maternity leave I knew what I was doing and now I no longer have a clear path - quite frankly it seems easier to be a SAHM