Hi everyone
Always read different threads but never posted any. It's so nice/helpful reading everyone else's journeys...
My DF (37) and I (28) have just finished our second unsuccessful round in Femara 5mg (3-7) the hcg trigger 5000umL. I have ovulated each time but unsuccessful there after.
I guess my question is has anyone else been in a similar situation and where did you go to/what did you do next.
I have read and heard debates of IVF Australia and SIVF and just not sure whether it's worth asking if there's anything else I can be doing to assist with fertilisation/implantation? As that seems to be the area that isn't 'sticking'.
During the second round I started taking vitamin B, vitamin D, evening primrose oil and elevit. I ate pineapple each morning during BD and ovulation for about a week and a half.
Any other suggestions or advice if anyone is or has been in a similar situation?
All the best to each of you reading this post.