Hi there, I'm new to this so here goes. I usually have cycles 26 days long, the last three months have been this anyway so I predicted my ovulation to be around 3 rd July, last AF was 20 th June, checked CM and was clear and stretchy so we Baby danced a few times around the ovulation day and on ovulation date. From 5 days after ovulation date and baby dancing I felt cramping, some days mild some days just pings, felt pulling pains behind tummy button too. long story short I had 2 bad headaches and started having red hot boobs, waking in the night to them stinging and hurting, Sunday 10 th had a real nauseous day , the cramping continued. I had it down I would be due AF the 16 th July. AF didn't show. Kept thinking AF was coming. Monday 20th this week temp dropped to 36.8! When all through it's been 37.1 back to 37.1 Tuesday and has been there ever since.monday - wiped after having a wee and there was pink creamy cm this went onto brown cm, very wet, Tuesday nothing overnight very scant red/pink spotting during day with headache, I thought AF had come, Wedenesday back to brown spotting and gone. Baring in mind I never usually have any cramping until AF has come then usually just 1 or half a day even of a little cramp then I'm fine, never been a person who gets pms or anything to write about. HPTs are negative for me, ? Still feel bloated and have mild dull headache, last week woke up numerous days feeling sick and starving, once I had cereal I was fine. This week no nausea, boobs r ok, nipples a bit tender, low back pain. Could I still wait to get a BFP now? I don't know where I am now????help xxxxdesperate for a baby been with hubby 17 yrs, no kids actively trying, but don't necessarily temp etc properly as it's all new to me.