Hi, so I'm TTC and have a few questions.

Firstly, how do you go about tracking your BBT when you are still waking up several times a night to your other child/ren? Do I just take it at the same time each morning and hope for the best? DS wakes up fairly inconsistently, not always at the same time.

Also, in relation to CM, the last couple of months I have been getting what I think seems like egg-white CM right after my period finishes. I thought I must be ovulating early but I never seem to get the watery CM and will sometimes get what looks like egg white again closer to the middle of my cycle. I'm hoping that once I start tracking my temps again properly it will all make more sense but right now it seems weird. I had a miscarriage back in March so maybe everything is still weird.

Last on (TMI) is it normal for egg white CM to look kind of green? I always thought green meant infection but it has no odour and I'm not itchy or anything like that. So is that normal?