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    @MrsDL I'm so sorry this has happened to you again, I hope your ok. Now you have "qualified" to get all that testing done, hopefully you can get some answers. It's so frustrating how you have to wait for three. It will be good to get through that period of uncertainty & not knowing & hopefully fix whatever is not right for you. Terrible that its happened but a good sign that you've been able to repeatedly conceive again fairly quickly. Feel free to msg if you need to chat. Take care.

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    Firstly...let me say how sorry I am for your losses Luv. Absolutely bloody awful & something no woman should have to go through😦

    Secondly....to achieve a healthy & ongoing pregnancy you need 2 things: A healthy embryo & the right environment for it to implant & grow.

    My advice to you would be to see a FS now Luv. There's either a problem with your embryo's being chromosomally abnormal or there's a problem in your oven either in the form of what's known as "immune issues" or something else like endometriosis, fibroids, polyps etc. or a LPD (Leutal Phase Defect) where your body isn't
    producing enough Progesterone for eg.

    A good FS will undertake all the necessary testing to get to the bottom of the issue. I'll also just add in regards to NKC (Natural Killer Cells) they can either be present in your blood and/or your uterus. A blood test for them will only show if they're in your blood. You need an Endometrial Biopsy done to see if they're present in your uterus in addition to the blood test.

    As I said earlier, a FS is the Specialist you need to see to do all of this though quite possibly a decent Gynae might be able to do it too?? Seeing a FS doesn't necessarily mean you need to do IVF..far from it.

    It just means they're the right Specialist to help you get to the bottom of the issue & advise what your options are & best course of action is to follow to help you achieve a successful pregnancy.

    Good Luck Luv!!

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    I had 7 miscarriages from age 19 to 30. I wish I had found this forum back then and had this amazing knowledge.

    I hope you all get answers and are blessed with babies.

    My nightly prayers will include you all..

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    Hey there , I hope u don't mind me joining in. I was told of this thread by a member of another thread I'm a part of, as she thought it may help me.. My story is:

    I'm 33 and have been ttc for eight years now.. I've had four miscarriages and all for "no reason" and I was diagnosed with pcos a few years back as well.. My fs has done testing and has said that he can't see a reason why I'm losing these babies.. But the next step would be to go through a cycle of ivf and see the quality of my eggs and possibly freeze a few.. I'm now looking at seeing a naturopath in the new year to see if it helps.. I'm at the stage where I'll try anything.. 😢

    I'm sorry to leave a huge post.. Lol
    I tend to ramble a bit when it comes to this... 💋


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