Dd2 has had mild eczema on/off since about 3 months old. I went off dairy as she also had blood in poo once. Anyways I used moo goo for a while and then when clear just baby moisturiser and nothing for ages. Now since imms she has developed again now it's her neck and its really looking inflamed and itchy. I feel like the moo goo didn't work so I've tried different ones and seems to be getting worse!! Now I'm worried I'm trying too many different things and not giving them a chance??
I'm also confused about the trigger. She had her imms, then I started letting her have more dairy and eating myself and she's had a cold and teething!! What I read about eczema suggests unlikely to be dairy but then she probably did have problem with when younger, could be virus, could be teething? Maybe even imms?!?