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    He has a shaker bottle i made that he only gets at change time. It doesnt help much. He likes it but he still arches his back & goes stiff as a plank, or rolls onto his tummy etc. Im really having trouble changing him.

    Does anyone know if any other brands other than huggies make pullups? Huggies give him nappy rash

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    Quote Originally Posted by heartstringz View Post
    Ive basically spent the entire day so far saying 'no' to my 1 year old. Redirecting isnt working either. Any tips for something that might work?

    He threw food all over me. He keeps hitting & biting. He keeps banging hard toys on the top of our timber coffee table & on the walls. He tried to bite my legs when im preparing his meals. He rolls onto his tummy the second i lie him down for a nappy change. He keeps throwing toys at me. Omg what is going on today?? Hes being feral.
    All perfectly normal behaviour.

    Consistency consistency and consistency.

    The biting - my kids only bit me when teething. So I gave them lots of teething toys, cold face washers, cold cucumber sticks, rusks and wore trakkie pants to help buffer the bites. If they bit me, I said NO and moved them to the opp side of the room constantly. Yes sometimes 15-20 times an hour.

    Hitting - model gentle patting. He doesn't understand his strengths or his co ordination. Show how you gently pat and stroke ppl. Use the word GENTLE with patting or stroking softly.

    Nappy changes is something we all go thru. Special change toys and getting really quick at changes is pretty much all you can do.


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