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    Default Vasectomy - I'm so nervous!

    Hubby is booked for the snip next week and now I'm feeling nervous. I posted awhile ago about getting the Mirena but have decided against it as I don't want any drugs in my body.
    I'm 38 and getting too old for any more kids - we have 2. If I was 5 years younger I would have another one in a heartbeat. Also had a m/c which I found very devastating. I love being a mum but feel so guilty as I know we would love more kids but feel I don't have the energy for more and getting into older range. Hubby is 39.
    I guess I'm looking for reassurance that's it's going to be ok and this decision sounds right and also my hubby's "hose" will still be all ok etc as I am very nervous about it going wrong! lol

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    LOL Same position as us - kind of. I just had a surprise no3 (14w yesterday) and am trying to work out what to do contraception wise. Hubby is violently anti-snip as he reckons that it has a bad effect on sex life afterwards and I really don't want anything chemical myself. I'm also allergic to latex and get pregnant at the wink of an eye =/ I have a prescription for the mirena and am thinking about having it put in when bubs is 6m (in case of effect on BF)... I'm so iffy about it though. Apparently it's seriously low dose and is easily removable so am still thinking about it.


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