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    Quote Originally Posted by deku View Post
    See it doesn't produce extra washing though if you wear the same clothes for several days
    Which I know sounds bad, but if it's fine to wear the same outfit for the whole of one day, then it should be fine to wear the same thing for two half-days, right? Or for only 2 hours/day, 5 days in a row?
    Perhaps this is my embarrassing confession right here… Though I'm not embarrassed at all. (Underwear is of course exempt from this practice!)
    Haha yes that is true. Maybe I'm just too lazy to get changed more than once a day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by muso mama View Post
    Hi all,
    I am a young mother from QLD with two little ones: Liam (4) and Ailish (1). I have recieved HubBub for a while and its great that they now have a forum. I enjoy sharing mother's wisdom and receiving it! I TRY to follow the basic principles of attachment parenting and think that generally children should receive a lot more respect than what they get from most sectors of society (often including their parents and/or relatives). Generally I am a SAHM though I have 3 weeks work coming up. We are also moving house (AAARGH! ) so may not be posting very often for a while until we are settled again.
    To respond to a couple of people:
    My son was very jealous when his little sister was born, and almost craved solo time with me and my husband (me especially). Eventually we took him to see a homeopath and also put some family rituals in place and he improved dramatically, although it took us about 6 months to act! Must have been all that sleep deprivation slowing us down. We still try to make time just for him once a day where he gets both or one of us to himself for about an hour and he really appreciates it.
    Also i have had an interesting time trying to convince my daughter that veges taste great (she is still a little dubious) and at various stages have mashed, steamed, baked, left them raw, and bought the not very tasty (IMO) organic stuff in a bottle which was the one she liked the most (but only the sweet potato and pumpkin variety - nothing else). She has become very assertive about any food in the past week and i discovered that she wants to feed herself with the spoon with minimum adult supervision. If she has finger food (less often as the 4 molars are coming and HURT) she insists on putting it on the spoon before putting it in her mouth. She was only one this month so it's a very messy process but what she lacks in coordination she more than makes up for in determination.
    So that's a little about me. looking forward to reading more posts.
    My dh ends up with a pile of half worn clothes. :/ some doesn't get re-worn. And he doesnt shower when he changes after work so the clothes get dirty/stinky quickly. He has a quite physical job.


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