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    I used Alan Carr's the easy way to stop smokimg method in 2001. I had been a pack a day smoker for 8 years. Quit cold turkey. Best thing I ever did. Good luck op. Do whatever you need, your future is so important, make it something you look forward to without being controlled by an addiction. x

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    Default Wanting to quit smoking..

    I realise this is from last year but I commented on it lol so an update from me.. I've been smoke free since the 14th of September 2015. 👍
    I had had enough. Went and seen my doctor and started Champix. They made me an insomniac and feel sick but I kept up with it and after a month of tablets I went down to one a day (trying to get my sleeping under control) my doctor was happy for me to try it that way. Couple of weeks later I gave up the tablets and haven't missed them at all. My Dp still smokes. Everyone said I'd struggle but I found it a motivation. I didn't want to smell like him lol
    So that's my success story in brief 😀 you can do it. When you are ready. X

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