it's been mentioned that an unnamed tv network has been sniffing around about making a telemovie about the 1991 kidnap, rape and murder of six year old Sheree Beasley and the trial of her killer. While i doubt the telemovie would show the bit where Sheree's killer forced her to perform sex acts on him, it still makes me uncomfortable, given most of Sheree's immediate family is still alive.

Should there be a law in Australia restricting the dramatising of child kidnappings and killings while their close family are still alive?

I just really don't want to see a moppet child actress playing Sheree Beasley on my tv screen. It would slice open a lot of closed wounds for her loved ones.

I was one of Sheree Beasley's friends and classmates.
We played duck duck goose and other games in the playground.
after she was kidnapped and murdered things were never the same.
Most of us moved away from Rosebud and Victoria when we could.
The memories were too devastating.
I still think of her pink bicycle, posed for the press, the Coca-Cola bottle still in the bike's basket.