Hi all,
After getting married late last year my DH and I had been planning to start TTC in Sept/Oct this year. However a month ago he was offered a job back in the UK (where he's from - I'm from Aus) and has accepted - meaning we'll be moving there in Nov/Dec. At the moment we're faced with either staying with his parents until Jun 16 when another house owned by the family will be available for us to move into (cheap rent!) or finding a rental of our own to move into straight away.

I'm really really keen to start TTC and definitely ready for a baby - but am now wondering whether we should wait - I don't want to find out I'm pregnant and then be living with my in laws for a significant portion of the pregnancy or moving house late in the pregnancy.

My other difficulty is I'm hoping to have a home birth and therefore want to be settled in a house I'm comfortable in for at least a few months before baby is due - so I don't fancy being due in July/Aug and moving from his parents to another house in June and not being settled by the time baby arrives.

Any thoughts or advice? (Or am I just overthinking things!