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    Default Help! With 3.5 year old

    I am at my wits end with my 3.5 year old at the moment. I am failing at all aspects of parenting her at the moment.

    - toilet training. We have been doing it for a year and still hasn't really clicked at home. Only the occasional accident at daycare (she goes 3 days a week). I don't think I have had an accident for about a mon there. Sometimes she'll take herself at home for a wee, never for a poo. We try and take her frequently or when we notice she needs to go, but sometimes she screams and run away. we praise, we try to make it a game, we reward her with a jellybean if she goes. Any ideas on what I can do?

    - tantrums. Really I feel like they are meltdowns. We were out today with friends and we decided to stop at the cafe part of where we were on the way out. Her babycino got knocked over by her baby brother and it was the end of the world. She started whinging and running around lying on the floor. I tried distraction, refilling it, her friends tried to break her out of it. I then got her to put a donation in a box as we were leaving (we have her warning) and then she ran away screaming, wouldn't come when asked, would lay screaming on the floor. I couldn't bribe or distract her with another task. Tried walking away and she'd move a bit but then as soon as I was in vision shed run away. I picked her up while she screamed and carried her as best as I could (meanwhile my Ds was in his ergo). She'd scream '"let me down". I said I will but you have to walk to the car. She's get down and then either lay on the floor or run away. Repeat.

    She had been out of sorts lately. Clingy. Wanting lots of love. Waking at the middle of night wanting cuddles. Asks me to not leave her.

    I would love some suggestions. But please be gentle with me. I'm kind of broken at the moment.

    Sorry this is so long.

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    I can feel the anxiety in your post. Can you maybe just roll with it instead of fighting it. My 4 year old isn't fully toilet trained and I'm not worried. He also wakes through the night and I'm happy to give cuddles. If she's clingy can you really connect with her and give her lots of attention and connection emotionally and physically? Maybe do a complete turn around and give into it all and it will get better for both of you. Xxx

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