Greetings fellow bubhubbers,

My business partner and myself would like to open Montessori (or similar) pre-schools in the mid future to expand an already established international chain of schools located overseas.

The schools' main principle is to promote in young children their innate abilities and knowledge such as:
  • Love for oneself
  • Self-empowered thinking
  • Trusting the inner intuition
This can be achieved by providing valuable tools and knowledge like emotional intelligence, the principle of repetition and mastery, meditation and the power of definitive purpose through role play.

To start this movement, I am considering opening a Family Day Care in a rental house (I need to find one by next week!) in Pottsville or Cabarita Beach, NSW.
I would contract an educator with similar interests, capable of following the local regulations and requirements (i.e. the National Quality Framewok, NSW department of education regulations, etc.) while I support the educator and continue building this movement.

Can I please ask the community to share any ideas, experiences or thoughts? For example, what are the challenges of setting up an FDC?

Have a lovely day

Many thanks,