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    Quote Originally Posted by bigmummahen View Post
    My bub isn't here yet. But in my experience with my niece/nephew, 2.5 years old seems way too young to me. I'm really surprised with the comments on here. Would you really send a 2.5 year old to bed with nothing to eat because they refused to eat what you prepared for dinner?

    I personally wouldn't start anything like this until 5 years old at least.
    I won't force my kids to eat. But I am not encouraging fussiness either.
    If it is something new, and they don't like it- cool, they can have something else.
    If it is something I know they like and they are just being fussy/want something else. Tough. I will offer it again later.

    It's not 'sending them to bed hungry'. It's encouraging positive healthy eating habits.

    It's also not "nothing to eat", they'd have had breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, and snacks.

    If my kids refuse dinner, it is because they are not hungry.
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    Dinner is my enemy when it comes to my dd always has been. I go through phases of just giving her what i know she'll eat and making her eat what we have but generally she'll eat a different or slightly altered meal to us. Prob since she turned 4 I've been stricter with it (she 5 next month) my general rule is if its new food she must at least try. If she doesn't like it she gets a back up dinner (spaghetti, baked beans or scambled eggs) if its something i know she likes and doesn't eat i keep it aside and if she comes back hungry shes offered dinner again. I try and stick to my guns but I'm such a push over I'll usually give in and give her a piece of fruit. Its so frustrating because she eats so good for lunch and breakfast its just dinner time. She won't eat mince, meat, pasta, potato, casserole type dishes, roasts. Gahhhhh so frustrating. She basically lives on sausages with broccoli and carrots lol


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