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    Ouch I remember that feeling, and the stress of needing to establish feeding before we could be discharged, so much pressure! I was expressing blood at one point, horrible.
    All the above tips I agree with but the thing that helped me more than anything was hiring a private lactation consultant. She came to my home (we eventually managed to get discharged after promising to top up with formula, which we were pretty much forced to do in the hospy), and gave me clear and concise instructions as well as sat with me and gave me hands on help. She was on call for next 24 hrs and called for regular updates and it really helped me to just have the one person (rather than conflicting advice from various hospital midwives).
    The breastfeeding association helpline is also a good option.
    It DOES get easier and nipples heal mighty fast. Plenty of that nipple cream (lanloine?i think?) and air out your nipples whenever you can.
    Best of luck and congratulations. Don't feel bad about the bottle either you have at least 6 weeks to establish breast feeding, just get to the point they will let you home and it will get easier x

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    My nipples did the same and started to slowly get a bit better after about 10 days. I was advised to just feed through it as a little blood won't hurt bub. It was excruciating for me though but the nipples just had to toughen up. Best of luck - i know how painful it is, but it does get better

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    Thank you so much everyone, so so kind to get such encouragement when I'm feeling a bit vulnerable. Thought I had escaped the post-birth tears but they came today
    Just came back from a much better feeding session. The hydrogel discs seem to have eased the pain off particularly on my right breast. A midwife in the nursery suggested my breasts were too full making latching hard so I used the double pump for about 3 minutes and expressed 20ml off each side before starting the feed to soften them up a bit. This seemed to help a lot. Bubs latched well and did 15 minutes and 10 the other side. She did so well we only gave half of her top up amount of expressed milk and she vomited so she was overfull which suggests she took a good amount off me. I got the midwives to check her latch and my nipple after the first side and she thought it looked pretty good. Bubs was certainly cooperating with big wide open mouth which helped. I feel more positive now knowing we can have better feeds rather than it just getting worse and more painful each time. Hubby is bringing my mamaway feeding pillow in tomorrow to see how that helps with comfort and positioning. Thanks again for the encouraging words and all the advice which we will definitely use x

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    Good to hear that things look to be improving! I found feeding 2 of my 3 kids very painful for the first 6 weeks. Both times it became so painful I had to express and give a bottle for 24 hrs to let my nipples heal up a bit. Go easy on yourself, you're doing a great job!
    When you get home if you're still having trouble a LC that comes to your house can be a lifesaver.

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    Great to hear your bub is doing so well feeding! Congratulations!

    I too found nipple shields to be a huge help especially if your nipples are already cracked/bleeding.

    I was in so much pain feeding DD I basically cried everytime she cried just in anticipation of feeding her.

    I too second the cream to help your nipples retain moisture.

    I didn't have a pump but I did also find if I was too engorged, DD couldn't latch.

    A nice hot shower helps calm the nerves & assist with let down too.

    Best of luck & don't be saddened by the bottle! It will help with her suck. As I'm sure you know, prem babies get so tired sucking from the breast. Its hard work!

    As long as the midwives are happy with her growth, you can continue with what you're doing at home (breast first & bottle top up if she needs it/is too tired)

    And trust me when I say you'll be very happy that bub knows how to use a bottle in 4 months time when you'd like to get your hair done & leave her at home with your DH xxx


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