I'm wanting to hear from anyone who has a history of bad embryo quality, but has still gone on to have two (or more??) take-home babies from the same batch of embies.

I had four stim cycles initially, and from that, the best I got were two fresh transfers of day 5 morula, and one FET of a dodgy day 6 blasty. Then I did a fifth stim after 3 months of taking DHEA, using Saizen during stims. I ended up with 5 blasties: 4x day 5 and 1x day 6. I had the two most advanced ones transferred fresh, and we finally got our DS from that cycle. In Sept, I am going back to have the other two day 5s transferred, and even though I'm well aware of my history of dodgy embies, I'm stupidly, ridiculously hopeful, or even confident, that this FET will work. However I know that it's pretty damn lucky for someone to get two successful pregnancies from the same batch of embies, let alone someone with a history of emby bad quality. So I guess I want to know if anyone like me has been able to achieve this. TIA.

(If not, I'd still be happy to hear from anyone who has gotten two or more babies from the same batch of embies. )