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    When my DD18 months was a new born.. I found the 1.5 hr awake time to be very true. I worked on this time frame too and she soon turned into a great little sleeper. It is likely yr Bub has not learnt day from night also at this young age. I liked to darken the room to indicate sleep.. Gave her a dummy and later a cuddle toy. She still loves her cuddle toy and won't go up bed without it. By knowing subtle hints of her getting tired.. And using the 1.5 hr guide.. I would put bubs into the cot awake she would self settle. It does get easier as bub gets older. I remember that first month being a blur.. With all the sleep deprivation.. Luckily for me.. As a single bottle feeding momma.. My bub was sleeping 8 hrs overnight from about 8 weeks.. Which then progressed to about 11 or 12 hrs overnight from 10 weeks. Good luck!

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    Pretty sure I could find a similar thread I wrote about 10 weeks ago 😂. DS2 is now 12 weeks old and finally sleeping in his cot. The bassinet was never much of a hit...

    In hospital we couldn't get him to sleep in the crib at all, he only slept on us. And this didn't change once home. We tried everything, and had the same concerns as you. We took shifts for the first few weeks while DH was off work. It was the only way we could get sleep. He would wake whenever we tried to transfer him to a bassinet.

    During the day I survived with the carrier, at night it was very hard. Someone on here suggested placing a warm wheat bag into the bassinet with one of my worn shirts (mum smell), making the transition from my warm body into the (otherwise cold) bassinet a little better. I also found that waiting until after Bub was asleep for 20 minutes resulted in more success (if only for another 20 mins).

    Some babies just don't like lying down. With our DS2 we later discovered reflux issues which were contributing to him hating lying on his back.

    Sorry to say there is no magic answer! Try everything and get as much help as you can so you get a break and some sleep yourself. It won't last forever, it's early days. Just keep trying and hopefully Bub will like the bassinet sooner rather than later.


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