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    Hi Lillac, yeah, I've done the scratch (shudder) – before the first FET, which was to test for the NK cells. I think that's why I was so optimistic about our first FET, because we'd had the scratch and we were lucky enough to have discovered the NK cells and treated for them before the FS would normally have tested for any other impediments to implantation. I kinda thought that we might've skipped two wasted transfers with the NK cells diagnosis. But they didn't work . I just read a thread about PGD testing and I feel so hopeless finding out about yet another hurdle to a successful pregnancy. It's starting to feel almost impossible, and I know I'm not that far in (2 stims, 2 FETs), compared to many people.

    bbhope, we only had 3 embies, so maybe our FS didn't consider it worthwhile? I'm not sure, we'll ask about it next time we see him, but I find that he tends to address things when we know to ask about them – the NK diagnosis, for instance, would've waited until we'd exhausted other options (and embryos), had we not asked why we couldn't test for it before FETs. Maybe he didn't suggest it because it's expensive, and a measure to consider only if necessary. I'm really not sure.

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    Endo scratch didn't work for me, though. I even did a second one just for the NK cell testing. That's because the FS who did the endo scratch for me think is rubbish so I've to find someone else to do the scratch and test.

    I don't know the cut off limit for PGD testing. I don't think they will recommend the PGD testing until you have many failed cycles. They just assume everything is normal. I am also younger (less than 35), although they did test kryotyping before my first FET to rule out any possible chromosome problem on my part.

    For my second STIM, we are sure that we have healthy sperms (donor) so we aren't considered PGD. I only threw in intralipid, clexane and prednisolone to the mix for my FET cycle, which failed. I continue the immune treatment for my second STIM as well just as a precaution, although it is looking more likely that the two good looking embies we had before aren't viable. Sadly, they are DH and my mirable bio embies. Believe it or not, i know someone who has the highest level of NK cell and yet successfully carrying on the pregnancy with just prednisolone and clexane without the intralipid.

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    Hi! Hope you don't mind me putting my two cents in here - I did pgd testing for no other reason than to give us a better shot as success rates dramatically rise. I'm with genea and the cost is based on how many you test. $750 per embryo, and it's capped at 3500 in case you're lucky enough to have lots to test. Didn't give us success first time, but that's due to my immune issues.


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