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    Default How do I wean co sleep

    I want to wean DS from co sleeping. Do I just put the cot next to our bed?

    I get so frustrated. He sleeps fine in his cot during the day but at night time he gets hysterical & claws his face etc.

    I'm ok with co sleeping but now he's walking he tries climb off bed etc at wake up times during night it's so exhausting and I'm tired. Why can't kids just sleep through

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    Option 1- cot to your bed.

    Option 2- mattress on floor next to cot in his room.

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    I would just put his cot in another room and treat it like nap time. If he sleeps in the cot for naps he might just get it.
    Sorry sleep deprived brain. If the cot is in another room already have you got a night light or a mobile he can turn on to sooth himself?
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    Default How do I wean co sleep

    I just successfully did this a few months ago. DS would fall asleep in his cot but when he woke for a bottle he'd want to sleep with me the rest of the night. I got a tip from the babysleepsite to pretty much do whatever I could to keep him calmly in his bed, even if that was feeding to sleep (ie bottle to sleep) and then wean the bottle.

    So when he woke for the bottle I would do as normal, move to bed with me and bottle in bed with me but once he fell back to sleep I moved him to his cot. I did that for a few days, maybe a week.

    Then when he woke I gave him his bottle in the bed with me but moved him while he was still drinking and did that for a few days.

    Next, I just gave him his bottle in his cot and then when he was happily staying in his cot I started cutting back the bottle and watering it down until he finally stopped waking completely and just stays in his cot. I had very minimal grumbling from him doing it this way. I do still sleep on the guest bed in his room so when he'd start to grumble I could easily shoosh him back to sleep before he woke completely.

    He's now sleeping through completely in his cot ☺️


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