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    Default Just found out I'm pregnant with Twins :)

    Hi All,

    I am just wondering if anyone could give me some advice I went to my OB for a check up when I thought I was 6 weeks + 2 days according to my LMP they tried pelvic scan which you could see the placenta. Moved onto internal scan which should the placenta again but again he asked if I was right with my dates cause they could really see anything apart from a tiny flicker of maybe a heart beat, bear in mind his machine is really old. He sent me for a scan at the medical imagery place in my town which I went on Sunday (thought I was 8 weeks), so the lady started with pelvic scan again and again could only see the placenta and small baby. Moved onto the internal and that was a little it better but I asked her to show me the heart beat and she was pointing but I couldn't see anything but I could see a heart beat below her finger. She then said wow there is two heart beats I thought something was up but wasn't sure. So 1 placenta but 2 sacs also.

    So then she measured them which she said they're only measuring 6 weeks can anyone tell me why that would be? Why are my dates 2 weeks out? Also they're heart rates were 97 and 101 bpm I need any advice I'm so lost with this.

    I have to return for a repeat dating scan in 2 weeks but really that is so far away. I've been super tired and super dizzy too.

    Any advice at all would be greatly appreciated.

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    Hi just wondering how did you go


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