Long story.....
I got AF back about 16 months after having DS. Was normal for 1st few months then I randomly got mid cycle spotting on the day after O. Thought nothing of it but in the months after that, the spotting started lasting longer to now it's mild spotting from O to AF.... Which is ANNOYING! This has been happening for about 6 months now. Spotting is light pink/mostly brown.
I went to my gp and she did an ultrasound which came back normal and a BT around day CD15 and results showed higher progesterone compared to other levels for that time of my cycle. (But wouldn't show me the results)
She sent me for repeat bt last Monday CD10 and everything was in normal range.
So she said it's just mid cycle spotting related to O and not to worry.
I asked for something to stop it because 2.5-3 weeks out of every 4 spotting or bleeding sucks which she then said "sorry I thought it was just the 1 day" oh um, you can go on the pill and try that to regulate it. Here are 2 trial packs, come back if no improvement"
My DS was screaming (for a lollipop) so the dr was distracted and kept offering him lollies or chocolate which I said no too. So I don't know if she was actually thinking of solutions for me...?

Soooo after all that.
I'm not sure if I should get a second opinion or just try the pill?. I've previously had my gallbladder removed after a reaction to the pill. That was 10 years ago tho.

Blah! So annoying!
I've never had this before, can it randomly start after having a baby? What causes it? How do I stop it?