Hi Everyone.
I am new to these forums so I am sorry if this has been brought up before.
I had a m/c late May. Emotionally I am fine. It was a surprise (but not unwanted) pregnancy. I lost at 6 weeks.
I generally dont get pms, and if I do its sooo mild but since the loss I have had a few really nasty bouts of pms.
first was on the 19th, when af would have been due if on my old cycle. 5 days ago when af was due after m/c and today (5 days late).
Is this normal? Have other people experienced this? I have never been so mad/annoyed/angery at such little stuff before. Plus I dont want to be touched, which is especially hard today as I have a clingy sick toddler.
Any advice too on how to handle these emotions would be great.