My name is Phoebe and I am a second year Midwifery Student studying at La Trobe in Melbourne.

Currently, to become a registered Midwife in Victoria students are required to "follow" a minimum of 10 women through the duration of their pregnancy, birth (if the woman is comfortable) and to see the woman postnatally.
The program is called "The Continuity of Care Experience"- it is to teach students the importance of continuity in antenatal care (seeing the same health professional for appointments).

I think this is a fantastic program for students, as training midwifes this is how we REALLY learn!

Having a student follow your pregnancy can be very beneficial for the woman too. Ideally the student would come to the majority of your antenatal appointments, they will be aware of your birth plan, what you want and don't want- this can be good if you have the student at your birth as a support person and to advocate for you while you're in labour. If you have questions during your pregnancy we are not legally allowed to give you advice but we can certainly direct you to a credible, reliable source.

I am looking to follow 3 women in the northern suburbs. I am based in the Coburg area but I am more than willing to travel a reasonable distance!!
"Following" a woman means attending a minimum of 4 antenatal appointments, 2 postnatal and ideally the birth (though this is not essential). I would like to try to come to every appointment that I can. I really enjoy this program! I have followed three women right to their 6 week appointment postnatal and it has been amazing.

If you are interested in letting me follow your pregnancy, want to know more about the program or myself please do not hesitate to send me an email, text or call!


Phone: 0498215710
Email: 18100377@students.latrobe.edu.au