Hey All,

I am moving from Sydney to Melbourne in December this year and will need to enrol my DD in primary school from January 2016. She is 7 and will be in grade 2 next year. I am looking to move to the inner suburbs of Melbourne such as Richmond, South Yarra, Toorak and St Kilda. I have been looking at the following primary schools and want some additional feedback or information from families who may use these schools if possible.

Richmond Primary School
Richmond West primary School
South Yarra Primary (I know this is tightly zoned)
Toorak Primary School
St Kilda Primary School
St Kilda Park Primary School
St Marys (St Kilda) Primary School

Since these schools (except for Toorak) are all tightly zoned I am hoping to choose my suburb to live based on what school to use. If anyone could provide some feedback on any of these schools I would really appreciate it.