Has anyone else ever torn their uterine muscle? How did you treat it?

During my last pregnancy I fell over whilst carrying my 2 year old. I was 30 weeks pregnant so rather large. I ended up in so much pain that I went into emergency thinking it was a placental abruption. As it turned out I'd torn a muscle during my fall, probably from tensing up and the jerk to my very pregnant stomach when I landed. I can honestly say that and dry socket are the two most painful things I have ever experienced and that is including drug free labours and births.
I'm only 13 weeks and 4 days at the moment but I ended up in emergency again today. For about 2 - 3 hours I had been experiencing a continuous tearing pain in my upper bump (my bump is already rather large being that this is my fourth pregnancy) which was making it unbearable for me to move so I called the nurse-on-call service who adviced me to go straight into the hospital rather than wait until tomorrow for an appointment with a doctor.
The checked me out at the hospital and couldn't find anything wrong with me and as I had told them about my injury last pregnancy and how it felt very similar they concluded that it was another torn muscle. It also hurt a lot more with movement (walking, laughing, driving over the train tracks on my way to the hospital) and that all pointed to a muscle injury. It's probably from picking up my 17 month old from his cot and restraining a tantrumming 4 year old as apparently I am now susceptible to subsequent uterine muscle injuries after the initial injury.
Although not dangerous it is very painful and Google isn't of any use, if I type in 'uterine tear' or 'torn muscle uterus' I get results for uterine rupture which isn't relevant and is rather terrifying.