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    Default Bills and credit rating help!!!

    I have been swamped with every single bill known to man all due with 3 weeks- rego/ctp/comprehensive/car service, rates, strata, union fees, water, gas, and electricity, totalling almost $4000!!!

    If I were to ask on an extension on the due date of the utilities would it negatively affect my credit rating? Or am I better off maxing out what's left on my 2 credit cards?

    Usually I'd be a bit more prepared but we bought and moved house recently, add in scans and doctors fees (no bulk billing) for pregnancy and lots of one off expenses and have struggled to get on top of things and I wasn't sure when to expect bills to start rolling in.... I was hoping to have some breathing space with tax return and ftb lump sum to come in july/august but ALL the bills have just come in at the same time and due before I'd probably get this much needed money.... I feel so sick with stress right now

    So if I were to ring and ask for extentions would it show on my record? I could probably just fit it all on the credit cards but they would be completely maxed out and the interest rates on them are stupidly high so wanted to avoid it...

    Any help or suggestions greatly appreciated

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    I would personally ring each place and ask the question - If I put a payment plan in place will it show on my credit history/affect my rating? If not, put in place a plan then and there (make sure you document everything). Then when you get your lump sums in July/August pay everything off. I would avoid maxing out your credit cards if you can avoid it.

    I have found *most* places happy to do so without it affecting anything. Its when you dont pay, or put a plan in place and are late or don't pay that there are issues. Good luck 😊

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    Hi, most of the financial or credit providers have financial hardship policy. You can ask to go on a payment plan and this will not impact your credit file.
    Many councils also offer hardship arrangements and you can ask for a payment plan. They can still charge interest. Call them and ask to speak to their rates department.
    Not sure about your strata company wouldn't hurt to call them and have a chat.
    Refer to MoneySmart website gives you really good ideas on how to ask for hardship and what your rights are as a consumer.
    Hope this helps. Good luck

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    what MsBowie said

    these payment arrangements do not affect your credit rating. If you dont pay the bills or dont contact them, then that will affect your rating .. but making payment plans with them will not.

    Most government or utility bodies will offer some kind of arrangement, but your union and strata bodies may not. Call them and ask ...

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