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    Default Dream feeding

    Hi all
    Just wondering how old people did a dream feed til and how did they wean baby off it. Currently my little girl is 9 months and most of the time (sometimes misses it) is still having a feed at 10pm. Usually only 90mls and it can take her to 8am so not in any rush to stop but feel I should be looking at stopping. Thanks for your thoughts in advance!

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    If it is a true dream feed and she is not waking for it I would try and stop. I did some sleep training at 6 months for ds1 and did a dream feed at about 12am for a few weeks as he had still been feeding every 3-4 hours previously but once I stopped I realised the waking wasn't due to hunger and the feeding had just been a tool to get him back to sleep. So I think at that age she probably doesn't need any milk overnight and I would be tempted to just stop and see what happens.


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