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    Quote Originally Posted by MaximumStarlight View Post
    I realise this is an isolated incident but the checkout lady at my local supermarket (where there are no self serve checkouts) used to scan everything and then leave it for me to bag. But then she'd be cross that it took me so long and would begin to push my things out the way so she could serve the next customer. I realise I was holding things up but seriously, how hard is it for her to scan then bag as she processes my stuff? I gotta admit, if no one was behind me waiting to be served, I'd stand there and wait for her to bag my stuff after I'd paid for it, and she was always so huffy like I was some big inconvenience (I guess I was but bagging is her job not mine!)
    In the UK you have to pack your own bags, it creeps me out when people try to pack my bags here which is another reason I only use self service lol

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    You have to pack your own bags at Aldi.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raising Leprechauns View Post
    Shopping with my husband. Hate it. Costs twice as much and come home with bags full of cr@p I have no time or desire to cook.
    My hubby is the exact opposite! We go together so I stick to the lists & don't buy things we don't need!! 😅

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    The main things that annoy me (aside from nearly everything mentioned previously) would be at our shops people tend to bring the whole family shopping. Not just mum and dad and kids, but like 5 adults and 5 kids types thing. Then they all stand around the Isle talking to each other and you try to politely ask them to move and they don't pay attention so I just start pushing my trolley through them and get the evils. Meh.
    Also what was mentioned about going to pay with card and the next person is standing right there. I ask them to move and then muscle my way to stand with my back to them to make a point.
    I get mega evils when I take a full trolley through the smoke counter because it use to be the express. Older people don't like using self serve and I might have been waiting a long time in line and put all my stuff up waiting for my turn then an older person comes and tisks at me because they only have a few things. I have been told off several times that's it's express and I have pointed out it isn't any longer and have asked the check out ladies if it is. I'm yet to meet an older person that hasn't made rude noises at me while waiting so I'm yet to offer them a place a head of me for their few items. Just coz you're old lady, doesn't mean you get first in whenever you like. Wait like everyone else.

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