I've got a strange one to run past you all.

Had implanon removed to try for baby number two, took 6 weeks for af to show up post removal and it was my first period since conceiving my son in almost 2 years prior.

Previously I had long cycles and seemed to ovulate later (cycles could be up 43 days) but I have no idea what is normal for me now.

Anyway, after that first af arrived I identified my fertile days via cm and ovulation pain and bd around that time.

Next period started exactly 1 month after my last (a bit early for me historically, but as I said I don't know what my normal is at the moment). It was a regular period, not hugely heavily not light. I needed tampons around the clock for first 3 days and then 2 days of lighter spotting. Nothing unusual. It was first month of trying post implanon so didn't really expect to conceive yet anyway.

What was strange was that on day 5 of period I had a lot of discomfort in my left ovary area. Not severe pain but dull achey feeling. Not sure what prompted me to do this but I did a hpt that night and it was positive.

My first thought was ectopic with the pain or early miscarriage. I thought there was no way it could be a normal viable pregnancy with that amount of bleeding.

I called nurse on call and they said to see a doctor that night due to possibility of ectopic. I ended up going to a women's hospital emergency as it was near midnight and no docs were open, I didn't really feel it was an emergency though.

Anyway, bloods showed hcg of 50 and told me to come back in 2 days for repeat.
Doc told me that most likely scenario was levels would go down and it was a early miscarriage, levels would stay around the same and they would suspect ectopic or very slim chance, highly unlikely that levels would double as you would expect normal pregnancy.

Anyway, had repeat bloods and level was 120 (was 40 hours later). I was very surprised as I had already convinced myself levels would have gone down. The doctor said still very high chance pregnancy won't progress or still could be ectopic.

I've got bloods again tomorrow and an ultrasound (two days after last bloods). I really don't think they will see anything on ultrasound since it is so early, even if hcg has double it will only under 300. But I think they should be able to rule out ectopic?

So my question is, do you think there is any chance pregnancy could be viable? I'm telling myself it's a miscarriage because it will be easier to handle if I'm wrong than thinking is viable and finding our it's not.

Pain in ovary is gone, no bleeding since finished "period" 4 days ago so I don't really think it's ectopic or if it was it's gone now.

Anyone been in this situation? I feel in limbo because I can't be happy but I don't feel sad either. If it is a miscarriage I feel ok about it because I know it's so common and if I hadn't tested I may not have known. I've never had a miscarriage before and I'm only 29, no issues conceiving or with pregnancy of my son (gave birth 14 months ago)