Hi there!

My name is Jolaine Sayon-Grech. I'm a second year university student at Monash University, Peninsula Campus and I'm currently studying Nursing/Midwifery. As a requirement of this double degree, I am required to follow through 10 pregnant women over the next two and a half years, ideally from the earliest stages of pregnancy to labour and birth (if permitted by yourself and your family, in addition to hospital policy). I will also be there six weeks post birth to check up and make sure that all is well.
By being your student midwife, I am there to support you and your family as well as offer advice on anything that may help you throughout your pregnancy and birth. I am also there to attend appointments related to your pregnancy, such as GP or OB appointments and ultrasounds, as well as antenatal classes and postnatal appointments.
I would love if any of you are interested to give me a chance as it would really help me in my learning and to improve my skills to be a more employable midwife. Or if you may know of family members or friends that may be interested that would also be great!
I'm based in the Frankston area, so I’m seeking mothers located in the south eastern suburbs but don't mind travelling to surrounding areas as that is not an issue.

If you're interested, or require more information please don’t hesitate to email me on jjsay3@student.monash.edu.