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    Default Today it wasn't me...

    So at the doctors today I had 2/3 kids (8yo and 5yo) waiting in the waiting room to see our doctor who was running behind.

    My two were being absolutely angelic! They were sharing toys, sitting quietly, reading to each other, giving me cuddles- it was magical and I felt so proud of them!

    Across from me- a mum sat with her 3 yo boy- who had decided to be your typical 3yo boy in a waiting room longer than 15minutes..

    He tipped toys everywhere when she told him not to, he stomped on toys, he ran off, ignored her telling him to pick up stuff, backchatted, and did that whole gig kids do when they decide it's time to be difficult that makes most of us want to pull out hair out and smash out of a window screaming "why me!!"

    I saw the mother trying to stay calm and getting frustrated, doing all the right things, refusing to read to him until he listened and picked up his toys, told him calmly and sternly to stop behaving naughty, run around after him and become increasingly upset/frustrated with his behaviour.

    He was just doing what they all do sometimes- and i felt like I was looking at myself- it probably didn't help that every other kid in the room (there were quite a few) happened to be in angelic moods at the time..

    I wanted to say to her I know what it's like and have been there many times, I wanted to tell him to listen to his mummy and pick up his toys, I wanted to tell her that she was doing just fine and this too shall pass- or help in some way! Maybe ask my kids to clean up the toys or help guide him to do it-

    But in the back of my mind I also wanted to be mindful not to offend her, not to assume, not to interfere with her rules by getting my kids to help. Plus I'm quite a shy person in general..

    So I said nothing really and just let her be- minded my own business.

    But I hope she knows she's doing a good job and even though the kids she was across from looked like they were ridiculously well behaved I could promise her that's not always the case! Especially not when they were two and three years old... I really wish I had said something helpful.

    So if your out there stranger- it will get better and you're doing an awesome job

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    what a wonderful way of letting someone know that they are doing a good job. We are so quick to judge others but never tell them when we understand and that you get it. So i say Thanks to you for being the one to stand up and tell this wonderful story your truly a person who deserve some of that good vibe back. Well done.

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    This was my toddler just the other day. I kept apologising to the staff when he ran into the office area or disrupted the other patients in the waiting room. Getting increasingly frazzled by the minute. I would have loved someone saying these words to me as I felt like I was the only parent who couldn't wrangle their child!

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    When dh sees something like this he will often say "I know exactly how you feel!" Or "ds is the same". Usually with a chuckle.

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