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    Default IVF #1 - advice/tips/tricks/do's and don'ts

    Hi ladies,

    I'm new to the whole forum world so please excuse my misuse of acronyms (im still learning ). My DH & I have been TTC for nearly 2yrs. We've done 6 cycles of Seraphine with no positive result. A previous hycosy came back clear, but i do suffer from PCOS. We are about to start our first IVF cycle (on my next period- currently day 16 of a 34dc) I am trying to do everything I can to make this successful.

    I've started acupuncture, my first session was today actually. I've already stocked up on protein bars/powder/etc & coconut water for electrolytes to help avoid ohss as im more susceptible to it seeing i have PCOS & im quite young (28) I've read about the benefits of warming before and after transfer (warm feet = warm uterus or so ive read) and i plan on eating pineapple core & brazil nuts. I've cut dairy & excess sugar from my diet (not that i had either frequently anyway)

    I know I probably sound ridiculous but im giving this my all and I'll try anything once to help us along in our journey.
    Can anyone offer any words of advice or recommend anything you found beneficial in your cycles?

    Thank you in advance.
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    Hi and welcome!

    My best tip would be don't be afraid to ask "stupid" questions! We all go a little crazy through this process, so if asking a strange question eases your mind then do

    I must say I think you need to research and pick and choose your beliefs, if you try and follow every tip or piece of advice you read you will have a full time job doing it, and drive yourself nuts.

    I lost 10kgs, increased my exercise and improved my diet. I looked after myself, my work were incredibly supportive, if I needed a sleep in, I had one! It's only a month out of my life and I wanted to do what felt right.

    Personally my philosophy is "if it's going to stick, it's going to stick". Trust in your FS and try and relax (impossible I know)

    All the best! xx

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    Welcome. I think it's great you want to give it your best shot but try not to put too much pressure on yourself. As the previous post says I also believe if it's going to stick it will. If it doesn't work first time you need to accept it just wasn't a good embryo and avoid thinking "what if I had/hadn't done this or the other" as you don't need the added stress of feeling guilty.

    Stay positive, it sounds like you are a very good candidate for IVF as you will hopefully produce plenty of eggs having pcos and being young means they will probably be good quality. I did IVF at 29 and got 12 lovely eggs which all fertilised and 9 made it to blastocysts. Fingers crossed your cycle will be successful too.

    Also don't be disappointed if you don't get a fresh transfer if you are at risk of ohss it's better to be safe than sorry and plenty of people get positives with frozen transfers. Lots protein is a great idea, also make sure you drink lots of fluids. There are so many people here who have been through IVF and no questions are silly questions so feel free to post what you like. I know when I did IVF I didn't know about forums like this and often drove myself crazy with Google or just stressed about things that were normal. For example I got really strong cramping on day 2 post transfer and was convinced it was all over and my uterus was cramping the baby out etc but now I realise it's totally normal to get implantation pain. So any worries or concerns your Dr can't answered just post on here as somebody will likely know the answer!!

    Good luck. X


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