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    Quote Originally Posted by maternidade View Post
    Do you have after hours dr that can come to your house? In Qld there is a bulk billed service or call a free health line for advise when it's happening?

    I can see both sides of the coin, I'm sorry that you're being made to feel bad but our emergency departments are for emergencies.
    If temps are happening only at night then if you monitor and then report to the GP the next day ( if you can't get after hours Dr or health line can't help) then they can still help. Obviously if there's other signs like non blanching rash go straight away
    Thanks and yes I agree they're only for emergencies, but even the times when he's had croup and he's had recession etc they have acted like I shouldn't have brought him in.

    I hate going at night because it's exhausting, I would prefer to see my gp during the day, but sometimes as a parent, u feel it cannot wait.

    We do have the home doctor thing with our health insurance, but I've used them once and they took over 6 hours to turn up. No point if I'm worried about something 'now'.

    With him saying his tummy hurt, I was worried he may have something inside I couldn't see or feel so thought perhaps they would do an X-ray to rule anything out but they didn't. So that's another reason I went there. We were up the Coast the whole day so that's why we couldn't get to our normal gp.

    He is 4 and DS2 is 16 months.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SAgirl View Post

    Can't go elsewhere as the next closest hospital doesn't have a paediatric ward the one that does is way too far away (besides this one).
    You can though. Our local hospital is known to have a bad rep. I have experienced several things there myself to agree with that reputation. They don't have a pediatric ward either but in cases where the child should stay in hospital they are meant to ambulance transfer them to one with pediatrics.

    Saying that though unless it's imminent life or death I now avoid our local hospital and drive the extra 10 minutes to the next closest who are far far better.

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    My local public hospital are pretty average, and the wait times in ED to be seen are ridiculous, so we go to the local private hospital. Don't know if that's an option for you?

    The care we've been given has been amazing, and they always take us seriously.

    Hugs, there's nothing worse than seeing your kids sick and feeling helpless to fix it x


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