Hi Everyone!

Nice to be here!!

We are super new to this,stumbling our way around..... but feel right at home after reading some great posts!!
Firstly, we want to say a BIG thank you to all the ladies who have, or are wanting to donate their eggs to couples like us, your generosity is too huge to be put into words,thank you thank you!X
This is why we are here too, to share our story and support others who are in this challenging predicament, as well as hopefully find someone who can help us become the parents we really want to be!
We have had a very short but extremely intense few years in trying for our first baby, something we never imagined would happen of course....this is something that is supposed to happen naturally, right?..........WRONG!!!!!

Unfortunately our big "WRONG" is my age......and my next to nothing egg reserve. After a number of different kinds of treatments to help us along,with some major ups and some big time downs, we have come to the realisation we need some help, a small miracle!
We live in Melbourne,I'm 42 (Eastern European background) and husband 40 (born and bred in Japan).We have been together a long time (15 years),and are cut from the same piece of paper(although I had to travel to Japan to find my other half of the paper cut out).Two extremely down to earth, not fancy,lovable,super friendly, kind hearted people who love lazy days,anything crafty (me), music (more him, but me too),reading (me and him, but me more) and our dog!

Our history together is long and colourful, with many years having spent living a very exciting and entertaining lifestyle in Tokyo, to now, where maturity has finally kicked in (well.....kind of...I guess )!
I would love to share our stories and answer questions with anyone interested, but ultimately love to get in touch with you if you think you would be able to help us on this egg donor journey!
I hope too that I can help anyone with advice and support and maybe provide some inspiration, perhaps have a laugh maybe a little cry or a big old whinge... ANYTHING!!!
I'm feeling very excited about being here,please get in touch and say hello,we would love to hear from you!!


IVF #1 - 5 eggs,1 transfer (no frosties) BFN
IVF#2 - 4 eggs ,1 transfer (no frosties) BFN
IVF#3 -2 eggs, both transferred ( ) BFN

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