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    Default What to ask new childcare centre

    So I've finally scored a place at a childcare centre for both of my children (DD 3 years and DS 8 months) and we are looking around the centre on Friday and enrolling officially.

    It's the first time both kids will be in child care.

    A few things I'm worried about is DDs Allergies and DS not drinking anything other than breastfeeding and also feeding to sleep. So I'll be asking about who provides the epi pen, what their policies are etc and asking about routines and feeding and settling for DS - but is there anything else I should be asking around these issues?

    What else can I ask in general?

    I know I should have found out all of these things prior to applying for the centre but I'm desperate to take what I can get and from all accounts it's a good community / not for profit centre in a good area.

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    You can't be too picky about sleep for starters and routine as they have x amount of kids to worry about getting to sleep. But if Bub likes feeding to sleep they will accommodate that through a bottle etc

    I found DS sleeps better at CC than at home!! Once they settle in it will be ok.

    Do they provide food?
    They should be allergy free
    You will need a allergy action plan from the doctors for the centre (writing out what needs to happen to DD & DS) what there allergies are, what they need to do etc. what foods they can't have!

    Write up a routine for them. For both kids what they enjoy. Did they give you this info? Put your name down on another centre JIC because you might not like this one you will get a vibe x

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    I was going to say to have an allergy plan from your doctor. Normal you would have to supply a epipen for use at the centre.

    I would write up your routine and see if it is similar in any ways. What food is supplied for both, maybe ask for a copy of a weekly meal plan.

    Find out if you need to supply sheets for daycare etc.

    Also have another centre as your back up incase you don't like it when you get there but it could be hard finding care with 2 little ones.

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    What are your DDs allergies? Some centers are really good with their approach. But some places still does not have the understanding we thought they will have. All the educators are required to undergo ANA training, so they all should know how to administer one if need. For us it is more about the general approach. If they said oh we have lot of kids before and we know how to handle your childs allergies even without looking in detail, I would not consider.
    We were like to know where they store epipen, where they keep photos of your child so that any relief educator would know.Are all educators going to aware about DDs allergies? Do they supply food? If parents are sending food, what is the policy. Are they going to use any food items that might cause issues for your DD in activities.
    Let them know what to look for in case if they suspect any thing, there are some educators whose only knowledge about allergies are from 1 day training. You probably have to educate about your DDs symptoms.
    If the director and educators are willing to listen to you and happy to make changes if needed, I am more than happy to enroll my kids.

    I am not worrying too much about DS as centers in your area are in general really good, they will take care of her well.
    By the way, there is a good Montessori just opposite Unley library, the director is accommodating to our DSs allergies and they have a wonderful program. Unfortunately, we did not end up with them (only went to play group and transition program) as hours did not suitable for us.
    Hope the place is a right one for you and your kids.

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