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    Default conceiving after the depo-provera needle

    Just wanted to pick some brains on thoughts

    I have been using the depo-provera needle as contraception for over 12 months. My next needle would be due on the second week of July. DH and I have had a chat and have decided we want to try for another baby.

    My brain is going round in circles. I wonder how long after the next needle is due will my period start again? I know there is a chance of getting pregnant straight away but that's not always likely and can be a long road. I have improved my health since my last child, she was born nov 2009 and it took 10months and temp taking and charting everyday to fall pregnant with her. Since having her I have lost over 40kg taken up more exercise changed my whole life really. All my pregnancies have been healthy and problem free thankfully. I spoze i really am just doubting myself. It's only DH and I that know we want to have another baby.

    thanks ppl i think i rambled a bit and soz for that

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    I had the depo for around 2 years (or just over), missed it in the July and found out i was pregnant within 3 months. Went back on it when dd1 was a year old and had it for about 18 months, again missed it in the july and again found out i was pregnant within 3 months.

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    I had a very difficult time TTC after stopping depo provera injections. I'd been on it for 10 years. Came off in July and didn't have AF until December. Then she was all over the place. I spent another 9 months TTC after that. It was very difficult emotional roller coaster. On the advice of a lovely FS I ended up using the pill to regulate AF. I did that for 3 months. First month off the pill I was UTD with DS1! FS told me that trouble with AF after depo provera injections is very common. I suggest you go to your GP and talk about the timing and if going from the depo to the pill may be a good intermediatary step. Best of luck!


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