I have PCO diagnosed via high antral follicle count in ultrasound and an AMH of 72!!! Yes 72 which seems crazy.

I have no other symptomes and ovulate like glock work on CD19 or 20 with a 14 day luteral phase (33/34 day cycle).

I have been trying to fall pregnant for almost 6 months now without success. Whilst I know this isn't a long time really it does somewhat concern me and I am worried that my PCO play a role in this as someone told me that, with PCO, you can ovulate immature eggs or even left over eggs from last cycle which grew somewhat dominant but weren't released. These eggs don't fertilise aoperantly.

I never heard this before and couldn't find anything on the net. Has any of you heard this before? Is it true or bs? Can someone explain this and is there something you can do about this?

Your help is greatly appreciated.